About Us

December 2012

I have always been passionate about animals and now Dog House Drinkery provides me the opportunity to combine my passion with my entrepreneur side.

I created Dog House Drinkery for those owners – like me – who always stress about leaving their pets at home when you want to go out with friends or catch a game. Now they can hang with you while meeting new friends to play with in the off leash dog area. Great way to excise your dog while you relax!

I have worked in the pet industry for over 30 years —from retail, to my own training & pet sittings – to holistic pet products. I have also built & owned several businesses over the years and feel grateful for the opportunity to do what I am able to do with Dog House now….provide an environment for dogs to socialize as well as their owners.

Dog House Drinkery & Dog Park is dedicated to my wonderful family, friends & my pets….

Hope to see you soon,