About Us

The Doghouse Drinkery and Dog Park was the brainchild of Melissa and was purchased by Jodie and Natasha in June of 2018.

Jodie and Natasha were members before the purchase. They loved everything about the dog park. The vibe you felt immediately upon arrival, the comfortable, large safe space it offered the dogs and the community engagement it offered for dog lovers like them. Words can not describe how unbelievably blessed they feel to be a part of the DogHouse Drinkery family.

Jodie and Natasha welcome you to come out soon and enjoy all the very same aspects they fell in love with.

Without Melissa’s vision, the Doghouse Drinkery would not exist and we are eternally grateful. Below you will find Melissa’s original “About us” message. Jodie and Natasha felt it was very important to keep so that you gain more understanding of how the Doghouse Drinkery and Dog Park came to be.

-Jodie and Natasha


December 2012

I have always been passionate about animals and now Dog House Drinkery provides me the opportunity to combine my passion with my entrepreneur side.

I created Dog House Drinkery for those owners – like me – who always stress about leaving their pets at home when you want to go out with friends or catch a game. Now they can hang with you while meeting new friends to play with in the off leash dog area. Great way to excise your dog while you relax!

I have worked in the pet industry for over 30 years —from retail, to my own training & pet sittings – to holistic pet products. I have also built & owned several businesses over the years and feel grateful for the opportunity to do what I am able to do with Dog House now….provide an environment for dogs to socialize as well as their owners.

Dog House Drinkery & Dog Park is dedicated to my wonderful family, friends & my pets….

Hope to see you soon,